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One of the most common routes to setting up a charity is first to become a company. Hyphen-21 took this route, even though it does not function commercially and does not make or seek any financial profit. Instead, its charity status empowers it to apply for charitable funding to engage in particular initiatives. In the case of Hyphen-21, these have all been in relation to the “Poemsfor…” project. Funders have included the Arts Council, the NHS, Baring Foundation, the John Lewis Partnership, the Foreign Office.

Due to the way it was set up, the charity is subject to the regulations of Companies House as well as to the Charity Commissioners. In both cases, there is a requirement that a Director’s Report and financial accounts should be submitted on an annual basis.

The point, of course, is to ensure that the organisation makes itself accountable to these public bodies. Following and extending that same principle, we decided to publish our annual reports on this site, as well as sending them to the bodies mentioned above. This will allow more people to read our record of activities on the various fronts.

For several years, Hyphen-21’s annual reports always included a Statement of Principle as part of the introduction. That statement grew and developed as more thought was given to it year by year, which in turn made the report ever longer and also meant that every year the regular reader had to wade through a great deal of repetition. Accordingly, the charity’s statement of principles has now been extracted from the main body of the annual report, to be read as a separate standing item by anyone who might be interested. You can find it at the top of the right hand column on this page.

The first Director’s annual report we published here was for the year 2011-12 and remains in the right hand column. The report for 2015/16 was completed for submiission on December 31st 2016 and will be uploaded on the site in the near future.

The principles have also been included in the “Background” section of this site (see the top of the left hand menu on the Home page). In that section they take their place as one of several perspectives on, and pointers to, the reason for the charity’s existence, what it means and stands for.