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There are many inspirations behind this web-site and the work it reflects.

The image for the charity’s title comes from the Book “I and Thou” by a theologian Martin Buber. His book sets out a dichotomy that is fundamental and ever more urgently relevant. We are overwhelmed in I-It. We are starved of I-Thou. The extent to which we continue to fail to speak and act I-Thou with sufficient skill and to sufficient effect, will be the speed at which we now destroy ourselves and the world we were given. We do not deserve another. Buber heads the list.

Professor Phyllida Parsloe, until quite recently Director of Bristol University’s Institute of Social Studies, and the Rev. David Jenkins, until quite recently Bishop of Durham, both had much to do with the creation of this charity, without perhaps realising it.

With special reference to the project “Poems For…” once called “Poems for the Waiting Room,” I want to name the following as having been of special help in moving things along : Paul Murdoch, Chris Meade, Alison Combes, Gary Mckeone, David Hart, Malcolm Rigler, Debjani Chatterjee, Susan Elizabeth, Andrew Motion, Stephen Watts, Abigail Cambell, Sue Stewart, Fiona Sampson, Denis Macshane, Nigel Crisp, Jane Riley, Barry Mussenden, Charles Beckett, David Morris and Nick McDowell.

As far as my support and counsel for the work of Hyphen-21 is concerned, I want to name in particular Mary Young, Graham Thorp, Jane Thorp, Pat Pegg-Jones, Caite Doyle, Mevlut Ceylan, David Morris, Lynette Cawthra, Baffour Ababio, Victoria Field, Victoria Hume, Stephanie Sexton, John Griffiths, Fiona Totty, Nick Viney, Peter Smith, and my eldest son Joseph Wolf. I am leaving several names out here, but the people mentioned are those who have been able to give most time, the inner core. Those with less time have still given much support.

With regard to the poem “A Light Summer Dying” I must thank with all my heart the family concerned ; also thank you to Caroline Carver, Moniza Alvi, Victoria Field and again and above all, Mary Young.

Finally, Joe, thank you for the patience, the time, the flair, the competence, and the loving kindness which you have offered me and these web-sites old and new.

The rest of this section deals with the photographs that appear on the website.


September 11th 2001

photograph for TIME Magazine by James Nachtwey/VII







Martin Buber (pictured late in life)

Taken from the cover of Maurice S. Friedman’s “Martin Buber: The Life of Dialogue”






Two Skeletons from the Neolithic period

Mantua, Italy, Archelogical Society, SAP







The Right Hon Tessa Jowell, MP

Minister for Culture, Media and Sport.

Picture for AP





A man accused of burglary in Oaxa, Mexico, October 18th 2006

Picture by Daniel Aguilar, Mexico, Reuters. World Press Photo Contest Prize Winner.

The picture was chosen as an image of what it might feel like to be the patient in a carelessly conducted mental health ward round.



The Start

Fun Run Summer 2004, Paddington Recreation Ground, Westminster

Picture by staff photographer for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.

The run was to raise funds for mental health



Poems For…

posters in praise of diversity enlarged to A1 size and on permanent display at the Central Middlesex Hospital, West London.






David Jenkins, Ex-Bishop of Durham

The picture was taken for an article by Giles Wilson in “BBC Online” on David Jenkins’ book “Market Whys and Human Wherefores” published by Cassell.





Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate

Picture by Antonio Olmos

Andrew Motion launched the Poems For… diversity collection in October 2005 and the new Poemsfor… website in 2008.




Child with Water

Picture by Hugh Hill

Taken at a Mental Health Fun Run in Battersea Park 2003 to raise funds for Westminster MIND.




The Chinese Year of the Pig Celebrations

Picture by AFP






Street Corner in New York

Picture by David Butow, World Press Photo Contest Prize Winner. US Redux Pictures for US News and World Report






The Antarctic Icicles melting

Picture by Jeff Overs







London 7th July 2005

Bomb survivors returning to the surface.

Picture by Alexander Chadwick

This picture appeared on the internet soon after the bombings. It may have been taken by mobile phone.


Mental Health Recruitment Panel

The picture features users of mental health services trained to interview staff and managers. In this case they were assessing mental health organisations who had tendered for some local services. Usually they assess individual senior staff on their warmth, genuineness and accurate empathy.



War Amputees’ Football Team in Sierra Leone

Picture by Pep Bonet, Spain, Spanos Pictures World Press Photo Contest Winner.






Waiting for a catch Ahangama, Sri Lanka.

Traditional fishing method.

Picture by Lakruwan Wanniarachchi, AFP, Getty Images.