Catching up

Through the first half of 2017 this website is changing in various ways. Partly in how it looks. Partly in its role.

The change is due partly to the fact that the site was looking increasingly dated. But also it was no longer doing a real job.

It began as a description of the charity’s various activities. It was hoped that, in turn, these activities and descriptions would act to give living shape and meaning to the values for which Hyphen-21 stands.

But things have moved on. The activities fall under two main and distinct headings – mental health work in the community and a project called “Poems for…” which offers poems for display in public spaces (that project is soon to be re-named “Poems for…the wall”).

“Poems for… has had its own website for several years. No need for this mother site to cover the same ground. And in the next few months during 2017 we shall be opening a new and separate website for the mental health work. It will be called “Better Mental Health Working.”

And this original site for Hyphen-21 will be much simplified and will come to act chiefly as a sign-post to the others, a repository of basic information and an exposition of the charity’s principles and values.