“Poems for…the wall” website attracts world-wide interest

Rogan Wolf, the project worker for “Poems for…the wall”, put together the short report during Christmas 2008. It entailed tracking all the registrations the new site had received since the April launch, and establishing where they had come from and how they planned to use poem-posters once down-loaded.

You can read the report here.Findings from the report emphasise the high proportion of UK schools interested in this project, followed by public libraries. The main reason for the interest in nearly all cases is the fact that large numbers of the poems are bilingual, “in celebration of diversity.”But also the report reveals that this project is now of international interest, doubtless for the same reason – that the poems celebrate diversity. For example, during one week-end in the Autumn of 2008, Rogan was notified of two registrations/downloads : on the Saturday, someone living in Las Vegas, the United States, downloaded the poems “for use in a public library” ; on the Sunday, someone living in Doha, capital of Qatar, downloaded the poems “for use in a school.”